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We believe in the power of timely information and insight to enable our stakeholders organize decision making, and to engage policy and decision makers in the markets we operate.

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The Advocacy for Policy and Innovation (API) is an Africa Focused policy intelligence platform that helps you understand how policy development and legislative bills affects your business and gives you the tools to influence policy development or to restructure your operations to adapt to realities.

API also provides a platform to curate and aggregate feedback from stakeholders and to strategically relay these aggregated ideas to regulators.

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NITDA Bill 2021

Following the review of the publicly available NITDA Bill 2021, API has submitted the following concerns and recommendations to NITDA for review of the Bill. Our concerns are not exhaustive and it is recommended that the views of other stakeholders be also taken seriously for a comprehensive review of the Bill.

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Our Policy Coverage

At Advocacy for Policy and Innovation (API) we provide the latest and most accurate policy information and analysis targeted at technology-based investments, innovations and taxation on the following areas:

We work to proffer recommendations for possible situational interventions.

We are aiding stakeholders to engage meaningfully to ensure policy and regulatory risks are substantially mitigated;

Policy Development Tracking

Policy Development Tracking

We provide policy intelligence by tracking bills from conception to delivery and fill you in on what to anticipate in regulation.

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Policy Impact Analysis

Policy Impact Analysis

We analyze the content of policies, regulation and laws or identify key provisions for instrument development.

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Policy Impact Research

Policy Impact Research

We conduct impact research on relevant policy areas and distill information and recommendation for policy makers, innovators and investors to guide decision making and aid further research.

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"Existing policy incentives are underutilized by digital entrepreneurs because of complex and burdensome requirements, confusing application processes, and a lack of transparency."

World Bank Group

Nigeria Digital Economy Diagnostic Report

Our Team

Our team is poised with highly experienced lawyers, policy experts, technologist and entrepreneurs, who are passionate about providing accurate policy intelligence and analysis to help our clients make the best data-driven decision.

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